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Helsinki Living/Dining

Design types inevitably flock to the Helsinki, lauding the clean lines and detailed craftsmanship. Admittedly winning at style, an undeniable improvement in quality of life is also evident. Designed to seamlessly integrate with lifestyle choices, the range has lofty ambitions to decorate urban living spaces along with more traditional settings.

Helsinki allows the individual to lead the way to live, rather than the other way round. The compilation of consoles, coffee tables and sideboards equally fits the buzz of socialites whilst also appealing to the laid back. Truly built to last, Helsinki is crafted in timeless and long lasting oak. A timeless beauty to be treasured and admired by those who love it and live it.

In line with current furniture trends, the Helsinki is intentionally nimble. Whilst claiming longevity as a watchword, the range can easily be refreshed with the changing of wallpapers, colour schemes, and floorings. Simply put, it works with you.

Engage Helsinki with personality and it promises never to get old. It is a continual reflection of the world in which it sits, vehemently not fast fashion furniture and purposely disrupting current trend. Simply put it is a breaking ground range, gathering traction.

Helsinki Chair £127.80

Helsinki Circular Coffee Table £171.00

Helsinki Circular Dining Table £333.00

Helsinki Circular Lamp Table £103.50

Helsinki Coffee Table with Drawer £254.70

Helsinki Console Table £248.40

Helsinki Display Cabinet £483.30

Helsinki Extended Dining Table £524.70

Helsinki Lamp Table £118.80

Helsinki Lamp Table with Drawer £144.00

Helsinki Large Bookcase With Doors £481.50

Helsinki Large Coffee Table £190.80